Bringing Personal Effects Into Canada

November 20, 2017

Bringing Personal Effects Into Canada

Are you moving back to Canada? Are you settling in Canada?

There is a program available for you to bring your items in duty and tax free.
You will not need a customs broker to help you with this – but you WILL need to declare these items at your first port of entry.

(Please note if you are importing commercial items or are already in Canada and need help importing items, can help with that.)

This is a crucial paragraph you should read BEFORE you come to Canada –

“When you arrive in Canada, even if you have no goods with you at the time of entry, you must give your list of goods to the border services officer at the first point of arrival in Canada. Based on the list of goods you submit, the officer will complete a Form B4, Personal Effects Accounting Document, for you, assign a file number to it and give you a copy of the completed form as a receipt. You will need to present your copy of the form to claim free importation of your unaccompanied goods when they arrive. You can make the process easier by filling out Form B4 as completely as possible in advance.”