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Take your Amazon.com store global (starting with Canada) with BorderBuddy’s FREE One Click to Canada Setup Service. 

.CA Doesn’t Have to be .COM(plicated)

All you need is the right help

With an Amazon.ca storefront and the power of Prime, Canada is a market opportunity the size of California—and the logical first step for brands with international aspirations. 

So your brand’s Amazon growth strategy shouldn’t get held up at the border because of a little paperwork.    

Don’t know where to start? Don’t fret. Ditch the DIY, and be the genius who gets it done right the first time. 

With BorderBuddy’s expert help, you’re only three steps away from .ca. All you need are your brand’s Amazon credentials, and we’ll take care of the heavy lifting. No hassles. No headaches.  

BorderBuddy’s FREE One Click to Canada 
Setup Service will help your brand:

With these three simple steps, you'll be all set to ship your products to a Canadian Prime-certified fulfillment warehouse. (And once that’s done, BorderBuddy can help you ship your first order, so you can start selling, too!)

Then all you’ll have left to do is bust out your hero cape and bask in 
the singlehanded glory of bringing your brand one step closer to 
world domination.  

One Click to Canada Setup? How Does That Work?

 It’s not Magic (But We’ll Make You Look Like 
a Miracle-Worker!)

Twenty-first century customers want their orders without borders. And so do brands like yours. We’re on a mission to make delivering that experience easy—for everyone. Every time.

BorderBuddy’s FREE One Click to Canada Setup Service will get your brand set up for Amazon.ca (almost) as easily as your new Canadian customers can hit Add to Cart.   

That might sound too good to be true. But it isn’t.    

Without a 10,000 word manual, doing it yourself can be 
fraught with challenges. With BorderBuddy, you get more 
than a guidebook. You get a buddy to help you all three steps 
of the way.   

And to make it even easier for you, we’ve used our years of hands-on experience to  automated a pile of stuff no one responsible for their brand’s Amazon strategy wants to figure out themselves, too.

STEP 1: Log in with Amazon

Log in to the BorderBuddy app using your brand’s Amazon credentials. 

Once connected, we’ll securely pull the information Canada Border Services (CBSA) and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will need from you to apply for a Business Number and get you set up as a Non-Resident Importer. 

(We’ll also use this connection to pull your product database, so we can code your goods with the HS classification numbers Amazon.ca needs before you can ship your products to a Prime-certified fulfillment warehouse in Canada.)

Why BorderBuddy?


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Apply as a Non-Resident Importer (NRI) 
with Canada Border Services (CBSA) to help you sell direct to Canadian customers

Register for your Business Number (BN) 
with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) so your tax obligations are straightforward

Classify your Amazon product database 
to make both clearing customs and setting up your Amazon.ca storefront a breeze

STEP 2: Confirm Your Company’s Info 
(and Your Permission)

Second, we need to connect to your Amazon Marketplace Web Services account. To do that, four pieces of information are required:

 • Your Amazon Store Name  

 • Your Amazon Seller ID   

 • Your Amazon Marketplace ID, 
(don’t worry—we’ll guide you through if you don’t have this at your fingertips!)   

 • Your Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) authentication token   

Next, you’ll see your information pre-populated in editable fields.    

Verify that all the fields show your brand/company’s correct information—this is what your Government of Canada forms will be submitted with, so be sure it’s 100% correct! Just follow the steps and complete any missing or incorrect fields.   

Your autograph, please   

Because we’re dealing with Government of Canada forms, you’ll need to give BorderBuddy permission to submit your applications on your behalf.   

STEP 3: Select Your Products

Anything you sell on Amazon.ca needs a special customs number (HS Classification code) required for all goods traded across international borders. 

In this final set-up step, you’ll see your product database in table form. Select all the products you want to add to your brand’s Amazon.ca storefront—just like you’d checkboxes to select several emails in your inbox.
Sit Back and Give us 72 Hours 

You’ll be all set to ship your product to a Canadian Prime-certified fulfillment warehouse within 72 hours—your very last step before you can officially open your Amazon.ca storefront for business!

Our process protects your business, and your brand’s reputation with your customers, so you can get on with selling without cross-border delays, incorrect duties, or startling brokerage fees.

Need help shipping your first order (and all the ones after that) across the border to your preferred Canadian Prime-certified fulfillment warehouse? BorderBuddy does that, too.

Founded more than a decade ago to help eCommerce sellers, small businesses,  and regular people navigate the customs process, BorderBuddy knows the system. 

We’ll make it easy to open a whole new world for your business. Try our Amazon app today!

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.CA Doesn't have to be .COM(plicated)
All you need is the right help

One Click to Canada Setup? How does that work?

BorderBuddy’s FREE 
One Click to Canada Setup
Service will help your brand:

STEP 3: Select Your Products
Sit Back and Give Us 72 Hours