There are 291 Licensed Customs Brokers in Canada and Here’s A List of All of Them

January 27, 2018

Customs Brokers in Canada

As of January 2018, there are 291 Licensed Customs Brokers in Canada.

It’s a pretty small industry overall, with most customs brokers having less than 10 employees.

If you’re wondering what customs brokers do, take a look at this quick video and the list of all customs brokers in Canada is below.

“1149893 Ontario Inc.
O/A BCB Canada”
“123 Inc.
o/a Customsquote Brokerage Services”
“2192433 Ontario Inc.
O/A USAV Customs Brokers”
“2222614 Ontario Inc.
O/A BBE Customs Brokers & Consulting”
“2238069 Ontario Ltd.
O/A DH Customs Broker”
2378395 Ontario Inc. o/a Port 7 Customs Brokerage
2398589 Ontario Inc. dba Prestige World
“3515851 Canada Inc.
dba Delta Customs Brokers”
“563853 Ontario Inc.
O/A Royal Customs Brokers”
“6382134 Canada Inc.
O/A G&C Logistics”
“6924107 Canada Incorporated
O/A Four Points Customs Brokers”
“820177 Ontario Inc.
O/A White & White Customs Brokers”
979861 Ontario Inc. o/a Total Express
A & A Contract Customs Brokers Ltd.
A. Hartrodt Canada Ltd.
A.D. Rutherford & Co. Ltd.
A.E Horne and Son Ltd.
ABC Customs Brokers Ltd.
Academy Customs & Traffic Inc.
Accurate Customs Brokers Ltd.
Ace Trade & Customs Service Inc.
ACGI Shipping Inc. dba (ACGI Cargo Logistics)
Action Customs Services Inc.
Active Customs Brokers Ltd.
Advanced Global Transportation Technologies, Inc.
Affiliated Customs Brokers Limited / Affiliated, Agents en Douanes Ltée
Agility Logistics, Co.
AL Alpha Logistics Inc.
Albatrans Canada Inc.
All Ways Customs Brokers Inc.
Alliance Border Services Inc.
Alliance Customs Brokers Inc.
ALS Customs Services Inc.
Altair Logistics Ltd.
Ameri-Connect Freight Services Inc.
Ampacific International Inc.
Anderson & Brickner Customs Brokers Inc.
Argo Business Corp.
Arrival Customs Brokers Ltd.
ASR Customs Consulting & Brokerage Inc.
Atlantic Custom Brokers Ltd.
Atlantic Ex-Works Inc
Auburn & Tremblay Inc.
Avalon Customs Brokers, A Division of A. Harvey & Company Limited
AXXESS International Customs Brokers Inc.
B & B Custom House-Brokerage Company Ltd.
B. Zee Brokerage Ltd.
Bay Brokerage Inc.
Bay City Brokers
Beaver Brokerage Inc.
BGL Brokerage (West) Ltd.
BGL Brokerage Ltd.
BI Logistics Services Inc.
“Bin Hu
O/A B & C House”
Bolloré Logistics Canada Inc.
Border Bee Customs Brokers Inc.
BorderBuddy Customs Brokers
Borderstream Inc.
Bridgeview Customs Brokers Ltd.
Bridgewood Customs Brokerage Services Inc.
Buckland Customs Brokers Ltd.
C.H. Robinson Company (Canada) Ltd.
Calgary Customs Brokers Ltd.
Canaan Transport Group Inc.
Canadian Customs Brokerage Services and Consulting Inc.
Canadian Customs Brokers Inc.
Canadian Customs Consulting Inc.
Canamex Customs Brokers Inc.
CANUSA Logistics Inc.
“Capital Customs Brokers
Division of APEX Customs & Business Consultants Ltd.”
Carson Customs Brokers Limited
CEVA Freight Canada Corp.
Charles Higgerty Limited
Charter Brokerage Canada Corporation
Clear Customs Brokers Limited
Clearsmith International Inc.
Clerkware Canada Inc.
CN Customs Brokerage Services Inc.
Coast Customs Brokers Inc.
Cole International Inc.
Commercial Custom Brokers Inc.
Compass Trade Solutions Inc.
Consultexpo Event Services Inc.
Counselor Customs Brokers Ltd.
Courtney Agencies Ltd.
Crane Worldwide Logistics Canada Inc.
CrossBorder Solutions Inc.
Custom Services International Ltd.
Customs Hub Inc.
Customs Management and Information Services
Customs Plus Inc.
Customs Trade Services Inc.
D.H. Cargo International Ltd.
“Damco Canada Inc.
D.B.A. Damco Customs Services”
David Kirsch Customs Brokers Inc.
Davidson & Sons Customs Brokers Ltd.
Davidson Custom Brokers Limited
Delmar International Inc.
Despradelle Canada Inc.
DHL Express (Canada), Ltd.
DHL Global Forwarding (Canada) Inc.
DILAS International Ltd.
Direct Customs & Solutions
Dolbec Y. Logistique International Inc.
DSV Air & Sea Inc.
DTS Advance Logistics Inc.
Dynamic Customs Brokers Inc.
E.T.S. Moore Services Ltd.
EAJ Customs Brokers Inc.
EDDI Trade Consulting Services Inc.
EDI Customs Brokers Inc.
EMO North Customs Brokers Ltd.
Encoast Expedite Corp.
Eshpre Global Inc.
Eurofret Canada Inc.
Expeditors Canada Inc.
Expert Customs Brokers
Federal Express Canada Corporation
FEDEX Trade Networks Transport and Brokerage (Canada), Inc.
Film Logic Customs Brokers Inc.
Frank M. O’Dowd Inc.
Frank R. Stockwell Limited
Fraser Direct Logistics Ltd.
Frederick W. Johnson Limited
Frontier Supply Chain Solutions Inc.
Fyke Logistics Inc.
G.W. Nickerson Co. Ltd.
G4 Logistics Support Services Inc.
“Garden City Customs Services Inc.
D.B.A. G C Customs Brokers”
Gateway Customs Broker & Transborder Services Inc.
GCB Glober Customs Brokers Inc.
Genghis Khan Logistics Inc.
Geo. H. Young & Co. Ltd.
Geodis Wilson Canada Ltd.
Gestion douanière W2C Inc.
Gestions Douanières ALB Inc.
Girdlestone Brokerage Limited
Global Customs Brokers
Global Logistics Freight Solution Corp.
Goldenjet International Freight Forwarders
Goudreau Cargo International
GTS Gateway Transportation Solutions
H. Kennedy Inc.
H.H. Smith Ltd.
Hanover Travel Service and Customs Brokerage Ltd.
Happyroadex Ltd.
Harte & Lyne Limited
Hartwick, O’Shea & Cartwright Limited
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Inc.
Hemisphere Freight & Brokerage Services Inc.
Hercules Forwarding Inc.
Hodori Express Canada Inc.
Homeland Customs Brokers Inc.
Honda Trading Canada Inc.
“IMEX Customs Brokers
Division of K-CON Holdings Limited”
“Indigo Freight Services
Division of 1108856 Ontario Inc.”
Inland Customs Brokers Limited
Integral Transportation Networks Corp.
Integrated Customs Services Ltd.
Interglobal Logistics Inc.
International Trade Solutions Canada Inc.
Island Shipping Limited
J & B Customs Brokers Limited
J. Rene Hebert Ltd. / J. Rene Hebert Ltee
J.A. Leveillé & Sons (1990) Inc.
J.B. Ellis & Co. Ltd.
J.J. Robertson Ltd.
J.W. Smith Customs Broker Ltd.
Jack Rutherford Customs Broker Limited
Jaime Seidner
JAS Forwarding Worldwide Inc.
Jas. C. Norris & Son Limited
JET Customs Services Inc.
JMD Customs Brokers Inc.
O/A Chois Customs Consulting”
Jori International Ltd.
Journey Freight International Inc.
“KDS Marketing Ltd.
D.B.A. KDS Global Logistics”
Kerry Brokerage Services (Canada) Inc.
King Bros. Limited
Kingsview Customs Brokers Inc.
Kintetsu World Express (Canada) Inc.
Korex Logistics Canada
KRG Logistics Inc.
“Kuehne & Nagel International Ltd.
D.B.A. KN Customs Brokers,
D.B.A. Brunswick Brokers,
D.B.A. Import Customs Services
D.B.A. Don G. McIntosh Customs House Broker”
L. Rolland Charron Inc.
L.M. Clark Customs Broker Ltd.
L.V. Matthews Customs Broker Ltd.
Landmark Trade Services Ltd.
LCS Customs Brokers Inc.
LEI Customs Brokers Inc.
Lily Customs Brokerage
“Link+ Corporation
D.B.A. Brown Customs Brokerage
D.B.A. M.J. Gross
D.B.A. H.M. Wakely”
Livingston International Inc.
Livingston L.P.
Logix Customs Broker Inc. o/a Logix Freight
Lynden Canada Co.
M.E. & P.E. Samson Custom Brokers
MainFreight Inc.
Mantoria Inc.
Maritime Customs Brokers Inc.
Mathers Logistics Ltd.
Merchant Customs Brokers Limited
“Milgram & Company Limited
D.B.A. Globe Customs Broker”
MKMARIN Trade Services Inc.
Modal Logistique Inc.
NAAIL Customs Brokers Inc.
Near North Customs Brokers Inc.
Nippon Express Canada Ltd.
NoGlobalBorders Brokerage Inc.
North American Logistics Services Inc.
“Northex Custom Brokers
Division of Northex Cargo Inc.”
Northland Logistics Inc.
Oakville Customs Brokerage (Reid & Dunn Limited)
Omnitrans (Pacific) Inc.
Omnitrans Inc.
Orbit Brokers & Forwarders Inc.
Orillia Customs Brokers Ltd.
P.F. Collins Customs Broker Limited
P.S. Customs Broker Inc.
Pacific Customs Brokers Ltd.
Panalpina Inc.
Parkview Customs Brokerage Limited
Parkwood & Cavanaugh Ltd.
Passport Cargo Inc.
Peninsula Custom Brokers Limited
Percy H. Davis Limited
Portside Consulting Corp.
Portside Customs Brokers Ltd.
Precision Customs Brokers
Precision Forwarders & Brokers Inc.
Preferred Service Customs Brokers Inc.
Prime Customs Brokers & Consulting Services Inc.
Priority 1 Limited
PWS Logistics Montreal, Inc. dba Priority Worldwide Services
R. & W. Customs Brokers Ltd.
RHB Logistics Ltd.
Rimbosh Logistics Ltd.
Robert Sacco, Customs Broker
Rodair Customs Brokers Ltd.
ROE Logistics Inc. o/a RNR International
Runnin’ Red Transport, Inc. o/a RNR International
Russell A. Farrow Limited
S.M. Hewitt (Sarnia) Limited
Sandhar Global Logistics Inc.
Savino Del Bene Corp. (Canada)
Schenker of Canada Limited
Sea Air International Forwarders Limited
Seamont Brokerage & Transport Ltd.
SECAM International Inc.
Service Plus International Inc.
Shamrock Customs Brokers Inc.
Shelini Transportation Corp.
Skyway International Customs Brokerage Ltd.
Sparx Logistics Canada Limited
Sterling Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders Inc.
Strader-Ferris International Limited
StraitLink Global Logistics Inc.
“Summit International Trade Services Inc.
D.B.A. Summit Customs Brokers”
TCS Total Customs Services Inc.
TDX Logistics Inc.
Team Cargo Logistics Inc.
Tele-Freight Ltd.
The Canadian Customs House Ltd.
The Georgetown Group Limited
“The Right Way Customs Consultant and Brokerage Inc.
Right Way Customs Brokerage”
Thompson, Ahern & Co. Limited
TNT Express (Canada) Corporation
Tony Customs Brokers
Traders Customs Brokerage Ltd.
Traffic Tech Inc.
Trans American Customs Brokers of Canada Ltd.
Translinks International Customs Brokers Ltd.
“Transpacific Customs Brokers
Division of Transpacific International Services Inc.”
TRI-AD International Freight Forwarding Ltd.
Trillium Customs Brokers Inc.
Triple Eagle
Triumph Customs Brokerage Service Inc.
TWI Exhibition Logistics Inc. dba TWI Group Inc.
Umbrella Logistics Inc.
United Parcel Service Canada Ltd.
Universal Logistics Inc.
“UPS – SCS Inc.
O/A UPS Supply Chain Solutions”
Valueway Global Logistics Inc.
Vancouver Customs Brokers Ltd.
W.G. McKay Limited
Welke Customs Brokers Ltd.
William L. Rutherford (B.C.) Limited
William L. Rutherford Limited
Willson International Limited
World-Wide Customs Brokers Ltd.
Yusen Logistics