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Shipping to Canada.

Shipping to Canada can leave Canadian customers wondering if they will be forced to pay duties and cross-border charges when their package arrives.   This can raise fear, anxiety, and even lead to canceled orders.


By using BorderBuddy’s Shipping to Canada service, your Canadian customers will be relieved to see all cross-border charges at the time of checkout, removing the mystery and worry for them.


Are you looking to expand your Shopify business to the 35 million Canadians who could potentially become new customers? It may seem straightforward, but it can actually be much more complicated than shipping to your American customers due to complicated Canada customs fees.

BorderBuddy’s new Shopify Canada Customs Duty App allows you to focus on selling your products without having to worry about customs clearance. It’s the perfect solution for easily shipping your products across the border.

Hassle-free shipments to your Canadian customers

When Canadian customers are looking to buy something from a US merchant, they want to know exactly how much they will need to pay in import fees. If your Shopify site doesn’t specify this amount, your customers may decide not to purchase your products due to fear of surprise fees.

BorderBuddy’s Canada Customs Duty App eliminates the mystery by including the exact amount of required import fees at checkout. When your Canadian customers reach the shipping part of the checkout process, they will see the duties included in the shipping cost. This will give them confidence that they won’t have to pay surprise fees when their package is delivered.

What’s the cost to your business? Downloading the Canada Customs Duty App is completely free. You will only be charged when a Canadian customer makes an order. The customs brokerage flat rate is just $15.00 per order. That’s a 68% discount!

The benefits of using the Canada Customs Duty App

If you’re new to exporting, the Canada Customs Duty App streamlines the process for you and makes it just as easy as shipping domestically. If you have lots of experience exporting but get easily frustrated by the confusing regulations surrounding customs fees, this app will relieve that customs stress so you can focus on selling to your customers.

All you need to do is enter your product information into the app, including the exact weight of the product. BorderBuddy will calculate the duty rate, which you’ll then be able to approve before it goes live to customers.

When a Canadian customer makes an order, BorderBuddy will automatically email you a DDP (Duty Delivered Paid) shipping label and a customs commercial invoice that you can attach to the package. The duties, shipping, and brokerage charges paid by the customer will be sent to your Shopify merchant payments account and will then be collected by BorderBuddy directly from your account.

You will only be responsible for packing up the order, attaching the shipping label and invoice, and handing the package off to the carrier. Once the package has been picked up by the carrier, BorderBuddy will take care of declaring the shipment to Canada Customs so that it can cross the border safely.

For your customers, it couldn’t be more simple. Instead of their packages being held ransom by the delivery truck until they pay unexpected customs fees, your customers will receive their packages quickly and without surprise costs. This positive experience will make them much more eager to order from you again in the future.

Canada Customs Duty App reviews

Companies that have tried our Canada Customs Duty App are extremely satisfied with their experience. They have been able to seamlessly expand their business to Canadian customers.

CHEFtog is a Chicago-based company that specializes in premium-quality aprons. They’ve been looking for a simple way to reach Canadian customers without taking the leap of becoming a full import export business.

Here’s their review of the Canada Customs Duty App: 

Fantastic app & support is outstanding! Solved our biggest issue – shipping to Canada. When customers check out, they now see shipping + duties. No duty surprises once they receive their item. Integration was easy. How does it work? After a customer places an order, BorderBuddy sends you a shipping label and commercial invoice. Print and go. That’s it!”

If you want to get an edge over your competitors when it comes to the Canadian market, this app is exactly what you need. As an early adapter, you’ll be able to reach Canadian customers easily while other companies face additional obstacles when exporting to Canada.

How to download the app

As long as you already have a Shopify business account, downloading the Canada Customs Duty App couldn’t be easier. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Log in to your account in the Shopify App Store.
  2. Search for the Canada Customs Duty App.
  3. Click Add app.
  4. Authorize the app by clicking Install app in your Shopify admin.

If you need technical support, feel free to reach out to us directly. You can email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-844-898-1213. Another option is to click Get support in the Apps section of the Shopify admin.

You can find more information about the Canada Customs Duty App here. We are so excited to work with you to get your products into the hands of your new Canadian customers!


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Jay Mohl, Sales & Marketing, Parksville Boathouse Parksville B.C.

Amanda Burr at BorderBuddy made our shipment seamless and her customer service was outstanding. Without question, we will work with Amanda and BorderBuddy again in the future. Thanks Amanda!

Don Mariutto

“I used BorderBuddy when were in a jam with a small tile shipment to Canada — just called them randomly after a Google search. Blair handled our case, and was in constant communication with updates, and got our shipment released within 24 hours, even though we were starting the process from scratch. Based on this experience, I can’t recommend Blair and the BorderBuddy team highly enough. Even though this was just a small shipment, they handled it like it was the most important on their agenda. We will definitely work with them again in the future – hopefully though, not on an emergency basis! THANK YOU!!”

Nathan Bird

company is always so very helpful in getting things across the border without any headaches. Tara was our agent this time around and she was prompt in answering any questions, super polite over the phone and coordinated everything for us. Highly recommend using their services.

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