Who We’re NOT A Fit For

They say every pot has a lid, and
we have lids that fit most, but let’s
be honest–not all.

And that’s OK! Time is a commodity for our customers–we will always strive to meet your needs, but if it seems
like we are not a good fit we will be upfront and let you know, otherwise, we’re both wasting our time.

Therefore, we are NOT a good fit for your organization if…

You’re looking for a
partner in crime

No! In the world of importing and exporting there are some shady things that go on, and we would never risk our reputation getting involved in any endeavor that is not on the up and up.

You pride yourself on
being a bargain hunter

You can’t treat your valued partners and service providers like it’s a swap meet. We are seasoned professionals, so we do not offer our services to the lowest bidder. Please respect the value we bring and feel free to shop around if you think our prices are unfair.

All you want is a “tool”

While we do offer tools to help you calculate customs fees, we are humans and we want to connect with you. Importing is a nuanced, interactive process that must be handled legally and properly.

Our agents are thorough and need to get all the
necessary information from you, so if you’re looking for
shortcut we can’t help you.

You owe the
government money

If you have outstanding debts to the government — for example, you haven’t paid your taxes — then they won’t let you import. They will reject your paperwork. So don’t waste your time or ours if you know you owe money to the government.

If you have questions about what exactly a customs broker is and why you might need
one, feel free to visit our FAQs page and Learning Center for helpful articles, blog posts,
and literature on the world of importing/exporting to Canada.

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Jay Mohl, Sales & Marketing, Parksville Boathouse Parksville B.C.

Amanda Burr at BorderBuddy made our shipment seamless and her customer service was outstanding. Without question, we will work with Amanda and BorderBuddy again in the future. Thanks Amanda!

Don Mariutto

“I used BorderBuddy when were in a jam with a small tile shipment to Canada — just called them randomly after a Google search. Blair handled our case, and was in constant communication with updates, and got our shipment released within 24 hours, even though we were starting the process from scratch. Based on this experience, I can’t recommend Blair and the BorderBuddy team highly enough. Even though this was just a small shipment, they handled it like it was the most important on their agenda. We will definitely work with them again in the future – hopefully though, not on an emergency basis! THANK YOU!!”

Nathan Bird

company is always so very helpful in getting things across the border without any headaches. Tara was our agent this time around and she was prompt in answering any questions, super polite over the phone and coordinated everything for us. Highly recommend using their services.