PARS Tracker – All brokers, all PARS on one site!

December 7, 2017

BorderDocs PARS Tracker

A PARS Tracker for all brokers all PARS!

That’s right – instead of going to Livingston, Expeditors, PCB, Cole, Carson, A & A and other websites and keying in your PARS to a dozen different websites – you can get ALL of your PARS for ALL brokers on ONE site with the BorderDocs PARS Tracker!

BorderDocs PARS Tracker


Go to to track and check all of your PARS regardless of who the customs broker is.

Customs Broker Database

Need to know where to email or fax your PARS documents? BorderDocs has a customs broker database that shows the name, address, email and fax of all brokers.

Border Crossing Addresses

Need to know the address to the Coutts, Alberta or Windsor, Ontario border crossing? BorderDocs has a complete database of all the Canadian land border crossings so a driver can simply press a button and Google Maps will take you to your destination.

Customs Clearance Services

If you have a shipment for an importer that doesn’t have a customs broker – BorderBuddy can help! Simply email the PARS over to and we will help you get the shipment to Canada!

Stop the phone call madness!

Instead of calling multiple brokers, simply login to your BorderDocs dashboard and view the status for all of your shipments, including transaction number and time/date of acceptance and release.

Agent database

Sometimes a broker doesn’t have an office at the port you are crossing at. You will have to find out who their agent is at the border – BorderDocs lists the brokers agents at each port of crossing so you don’t have to call and find out. Just visit and check out the broker database.

It’s Free!

That’s right, the basic services of BorderDocs are free. We want to help make crossing the border easy and remove the burden on carriers to call and check in with multiple brokers.