When it came to reshaping a dated and needlessly complex customs industry, we dreamed big. Our mission was nothing short of a revolution.

Border Buddy was founded more than a decade ago to simplify a dizzying customs process bogged down by forms, forms, and even more forms.

What we saw was an industry woefully behind when it came to the use of technology to help e-commerce sellers and internet shoppers navigate the cross-border shipment process, including calculating duties and taxes.

Our mission was to reshape the entire customs broker industry by integrating cutting-edge technology that streamlines and simplifies the process like never before. We connect people with solutions. And we cut through the bureaucracy.

We’ve built revolutionary tools so you can seamlessly integrate customs into your e-commerce site, allowing you to expand to new territories. Your customers will be able to do their duty instantly at checkout.

Border Buddy also takes the pain out of the pick up and delivery of goods, handling every form of shipment including ocean, air and truck transportation, customs clearance, plus warehousing and distribution.

When the customs process is streamlined, more customers will be motivated to make cross-border purchases and you can concentrate on reaching those customers. Or if you’re an e-shopper, you can do your duty and get what you’ve purchased faster. Without the headaches.