BorderBuddy Customs Brokers

When it comes to changing a dated and complex customs industry, we dreamed big. Our mission is to revolutionize the customs brokerage industry.

BorderBuddy is a Customs Broker using online technology to simplify the process of importing and exporting products to North America.


Our mission is to change the customs broker industry. We will use technology that simplifies importing and exporting for the everyday consumer.


The start

Founded a decade ago by Graham Robins Jr. BorderBuddy is here to simplify the customs process.  

BorderBuddy specializes in importing and exporting products to North America. With a dedicated focus on consumers and small businesses, BorderBuddy keeps information focused and easy for everyone to understand.

Products we import the most:

  • Cars
  • Horses
  • Items for tradeshows (called temporary imports)
  • Machinery
  • Plants
  • Online orders
  • Planes

Things we don’t import:

  • New vehicles under 25 years old going to the US – here is a great article that explains why (call us and we will get you the right person)
  • Products going to the US under $800 – You don’t need a broker!
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Firearms
  • Marijuana

BorderBuddy Services

In 2017 BorderBuddy launched the first step in creating an online system for importing and exporting an online calculator that helps everyday people check their brokerage rates without having to know anything about customs brokerage.

In 2018 BorderBuddy launched an application for Amazon that helps sellers classify their products without having to know anything about the brokerage industry.

The Future of BorderBuddy

We will not stop there the future of BorderBuddy is bright! Our team is working towards a one-touch solution. Follow us on social to keep up with the cool things we have planned.

The BorderBuddy Calculator

Check out our FREE customs and duty calculator or contact us to get started clearing your shipments today.