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BorderBuddy is a customs broker providing online solutions for anyone fed up with being
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We simplify the cross-border retail experience with seamlessly integrated online solutions for both web-based
businesses and shoppers. We are drivers of innovation and we’ll help you expand beyond borders.

Cut through the red tape of
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Since e-Commerce has opened up the global marketplace, the world is becoming a much smaller place.
We’re excited to help you navigate all your importing and exporting needs.

Start clearing customs now. BorderBuddy will help you cut through the red tape in 4 easy steps:

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When in doubt…declare! Especially if your items are perishable it is vital you understand all the necessary permits and licenses involved before allowing the shipment to leave its homeport.

If you overlook even a single form, you could end up in a nightmare of processing requests and fines, and risk a total loss of your cargo. With the experienced agents at BorderBuddy on your side, there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Lack of education

Whenever the government is involved, things can get a little complicated, and a lot bureaucratic. Our Learning Center, Blog, and knowledgeable staff are here to bring you up to date on all things importing and exporting.

The number one problem clients have run into before they hire us was not being prepared with the proper information and documentation to make their transactions run smoothly. Whether you’re a shopper, a mom & pop or an established name doing high-volume business, find out how we can bring value to your business.

Slow or No Growth

It’s a competitive world, and your business needs your laser focus. When you make the wise choice to delegate customs handling to BorderBuddy, it frees you up to manage and grow your business, with the peace of mind knowing that shipments will be processed without a hitch.

This comes full-circle as you earn good reviews, which
improves your reputation and increases business.



Sometimes goods are confiscated and you may not even be aware of your infraction. Plenty of inexperienced shippers — far from being hardened criminals — may still end up having property seized, which is never a happy occasion. Goods can be confiscated and even destroyed, which could be a fiasco for your business.

At BorderBuddy, we have the experience and the knowledge to ensure this never happens. We will have your goods processed with an orderly file of documents with all licensure and regulatory information on hand to avoid a nightmare at the border.

The CBSA keeps a record of infractions. If you have an infraction record, you may have to undergo a more detailed examination on future trips.

Lost Time, Lost Money

The money you spend hiring BorderBuddy for our services saves you the headache of researching protocols or making potential mistakes that could hurt your business. You’ll simply classify every single item you are importing/exporting, and we’ll calculate duties and tariffs and tell you exactly how much to pay customs.

Time is money, and because we have this process down to a science, we will expedite your customs interaction, meaning the value we add far exceeds the cost you will be putting out.


Too Much Math

Customers shouldn’t have to do math. Our revolutionary tools mean they won’t have to when it comes to calculating duties and taxes.

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Jay Mohl, Sales & Marketing, Parksville Boathouse Parksville B.C.

Amanda Burr at BorderBuddy made our shipment seamless and her customer service was outstanding. Without question, we will work with Amanda and BorderBuddy again in the future. Thanks Amanda!

Don Mariutto

“I used BorderBuddy when were in a jam with a small tile shipment to Canada — just called them randomly after a Google search. Blair handled our case, and was in constant communication with updates, and got our shipment released within 24 hours, even though we were starting the process from scratch. Based on this experience, I can’t recommend Blair and the BorderBuddy team highly enough. Even though this was just a small shipment, they handled it like it was the most important on their agenda. We will definitely work with them again in the future – hopefully though, not on an emergency basis! THANK YOU!!”

Nathan Bird

company is always so very helpful in getting things across the border without any headaches. Tara was our agent this time around and she was prompt in answering any questions, super polite over the phone and coordinated everything for us. Highly recommend using their services.

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