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Border Buddy is a customs broker providing online solutions for anyone fed up with being buried in duty and tariff paperwork. We simplify the cross-border retail experience with seamlessly integrated online solutions for both web-based businesses and shoppers. We are drivers of innovation and we’ll help you expand beyond borders.

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Customs Clearance: When You’re A Victim of ‘Carrier Ransom’ | BorderBuddy

May 31, 2018

When You’re A Victim of ‘Carrier Ransom’

by BorderBuddy

You’ve decided to take the plunge and join the online shopping revolution. After carefully perusing different companies’ websites to find the best deal, you’ve gone ahead and made a purchase. The seller needs to make sure your product gets shipped – which requires the services of a shipping company or “carrier”. Then it has to […]

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Do I have to pay duty on goods purchased outside Canada?

May 11, 2018

Do I have to pay duty on goods coming to Canada?

by BorderBuddy

Trying to figure if you have to pay duty on something you’ve purchased outside of Canada can be confusing for people. There are two basic questions to think about: Is it something you bought online and is being mailed to you? Is it something you bought while traveling outside of Canada?   Paying duty on […]

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Why do I need a customs broker?

Customs brokers can help expedite the movement of your goods from one country to another. While you don’t legally need a customs broker, we recommend that importers consider engaging their services for added convenience. So you get what you want faster and with fewer headaches.

How do I ship to Canada/US?

If you’re shipping a car to Canada from the US or shipping a vehicle to the US from Canada, this requires specific information and proper procedures must be followed. To help get you started, check out our import page.

For other products, all major small parcel carriers like DHL, FEDEX and UPS will give you international options through their normal shipping label creation process. Alternatively, we can give you a customized recommendation if you want. Click on the chat box below, email us at service@borderbuddy.com or call us at 1-877-409-8163.

What is customs clearance?

“Customs clearance” or “clearing customs” is a phrase we hear a lot in our business. What it really means is that the item that’s being imported or exported has met a country’s specifc requirements for entering or leaving its borders. Those requirements vary from country to country and from one item to another. We can help you “clear customs” fast, with less paperwork and fewer headaches.

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When duty calls, talk to your buddy. We’re ready with the answers you need to speed up and simplify the customs process.

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