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Welcome to BorderBuddy USA! Our inbond shipment services provide greater flexibility and efficiency in managing your import logistics. With our inbond service, you can move uncleared cargo within the United States without the immediate payment of duties and taxes, streamlining your supply chain and optimizing your operations.

Why Choose BorderBuddy for Inbond Shipments?

  • Expertise in Customs Procedures: With extensive experience in customs brokerage, we ensure your inbond shipments are compliant with all regulations.
  • Comprehensive Service: From filing necessary forms to managing inbond movements, we handle all aspects of the process.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Our team is available 24/7 to support you, ensuring your shipments are managed smoothly and efficiently.

What is an Inbond Shipment?

An inbond shipment is a customs procedure that allows for the transportation of uncleared cargo within the US without the immediate payment of duties and taxes. This process is facilitated by the Customs Form 7512 (CF7512). Inbond authorization permits cargo to be transported from one port of entry to another or to a designated bonded facility, providing flexibility in logistics and storage.

Benefits of Inbond Movements

  1. Cost Efficiency: Delays the payment of duties and taxes until the goods reach their final destination or are entered into U.S. commerce.
  2. Supply Chain Optimization: Allows for strategic movement and storage of goods at different locations based on demand and logistical convenience.
  3. Reduced Congestion: Helps decongest primary ports by moving goods to less busy ports or facilities for further processing
  4. Increased Flexibility: Provides options to store goods in bonded warehouses, re-export them, or direct them to other locations without customs clearance at every step.
  5. Enhanced Compliance Management: Ensures goods are accounted for and tracked throughout their movement, facilitating better compliance with customs regulations.

Types of Inbond Movements

  1. Immediate Transportation (IT): Allows goods to be transported to another port without being cleared by customs at the initial port of arrival.
  2. Transportation and Exportation (T&E): Permits goods to be transported from one U.S. port to another and then exported without customs clearance.
  3. Immediate Exportation (IE): Enables goods to be exported directly from the port of arrival without being cleared by customs.

How to Process an Inbond Shipment

  1. Filing the CF7512 Form: Complete and submit this form to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to initiate the inbond process.
  2. Bond Requirements: The carrier or bonded facility must have an appropriate customs bond to cover the movement of goods.
  3. Tracking and Reporting: Meticulously track the movement of inbond cargo and provide status updates to CBP to ensure compliance.
  4. Final Clearance: Upon reaching the destination port or facility, goods must undergo customs clearance before being released into U.S. commerce or re-exported.

Important Timelines

  1. Inbond Transit Time: The carrier has 30 calendar days to move the freight to the destination port.
  2. Arrival of Bond: The bond must be registered within 48 hours after the freight has physically arrived at the destination.
  3. Customs Clearance or Export: Goods must clear customs or be exported within 15 days once the bond has arrived at the destination port.
  4. Systematic Export of Bond: After the freight has been exported, the bond must be updated in the system within 24 hours to reflect the export.

Pricing Structure

  1. Inbond Fee: $75 per inbond issued.
  2. Inbond Management Fee: $45, which includes:
    • Arrival processing
    • Diversions
    • Systematic exportations
    • Confirmation of bond closures

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is an inbond shipment?
    • An inbond shipment allows for the transportation of uncleared cargo within the US without the immediate payment of duties and taxes.
  2. Who can use inbond shipments?
    • Inbond shipments can be used by importers, freight forwarders, and logistics companies for moving cargo through the US to final destinations or storage.
  3. Can inbond shipments be used outside of North America?
    • Yes, inbond shipments can be used for goods moving through the US to Canada, Mexico, and other international destinations.
  4. How do I start an inbond shipment with BorderBuddy?
  5. What documents are needed for an inbond shipment?
    • Required documents include the CF7512 form, a power of attorney with the carrier, and proof of bond coverage.
  6. How long is a inbond valid for? 
    • Carriers have 30 days to move the freight to the destination port.
  7. Can BorderBuddy act as the bonded carrier?
    • No, BorderBuddy cannot act as the bonded carrier. The bond must be filed under the carrier physically moving the freight.
  8. What are the fees for inbond shipments?
    • We charge an inbond fee of $75 per shipment and a management fee of $45, covering various processing services.
  9. What happens if the bond is not arrived within 48 hours?
    • Failure to arrive the inbond at the final destination port within 48 hours can result in penalties and delays in the shipment process.
  10. How is the inbond cargo tracked?
    • Inbond cargo is meticulously tracked with the partner carrier, and status updates are provided to CBP to ensure compliance.

For more information and to get started with your inbond shipment, contact BorderBuddy today. Let us help you streamline your logistics and ensure compliance with US customs regulations.

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